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Step 1: Initial Workshop
  • Establish communication protocols and contact points to support information exchange throughout the project.

  • Establish a dedicated page on the PFA website for communication with project stakeholders

  • Establish mechanisms to consult with stakeholders during each step of the project and report on findings as they occur

  • Link to Seafood Trade Advisory Group for regular market intelligence reports on the seafood market in China  

Step 2: Supply Chain Study
  • Research the Eel business - where it is caught, how much and how often, transport needs to maintain product quality and integrity, Australian export regulations and Chinese import regulations as they pertain to Eels from Australia 

  • Conduct phone/skype interviews with all relevant stakeholders

  • Collate the data and develop options for creating an efficient supply chain that consolidates shipments to China via GFresh 

Step 3: China Market Research
  • Conduct desktop and in-market research with supply chain, potential channel partners and consumers 

  • Collate the data and conduct a teleconference with Eel fishers and PFA to discuss initial findings 

  • Conduct any supplementary research needed to clarify initial findings 

  • Prepare a report providing an analysis of the findings and recommendations for undertaking a market trial in China via the GFresh e-commerce platform 

Step 4: Market trial planning workshop
  • Deliver a workshop outlining the research, findings, conclusions and a draft action plan for discussion

  • Reach agreement as to how the fishers can work collaboratively to trial market shipments to China via the GFresh e-commerce platform 

  • Develop a draft action plan for undertaking the trial shipment

  • Agree performance metrics 

Step 5: Trial Shipments
  • Work with the Eel Fishers, supply chain partners, Export facility and GFresh to send an agreed number of trial shipments to China 

  • Organise for data loggers to be inserted into shipment boxes and then retrieved to enable analysis of supply chain performance 

  • Collate reports from receivers regarding product quality and market response 

  • Communicate with Eel fishers as shipments are sent and received, provide market feedback and make any changes required 

Step 6: Final project meeting
  • Deliver a summary of all the research findings and the outcomes of the trial shipments

  • Discuss the feasibility of working collaboratively to develop a niche market for Eels in China 


  • If agreed that it is feasible develop a draft action plan to do that 

  • If not prepare a final report detailing why it isn’t feasible 

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